Wheatley Summer Outing

The summer outing was held on Saturday 15 August and was well attended. We hope everybody had fun, even if they were a little sore afterwards. You can find out where we went below.

There is also a small pdf print out of these details which can be found here.






Great Haseley: A bit heavier than Wheatley but supposed to be very nice (James learnt to ring here)
Garsington: Same weight as Wheatley but a ground floor ring so potentially a teeny bit more difficult to handle. Good practice!
Cowley: Another ground floor ring, lighter than Wheatley for that extra bit of variety
General Elliott, South Hinksey: There is a beer festival being held this weekend, but I have let them know we will be coming. There will also be a bbq serving meat and vegetarian options.
Whites of Appleton: The highlight of the day! A chance to ring on and see some very tiny bells. Hopefully they will also have lots of larger bells that we can have a look at.
Future ringing